Gennady Tkachenko

by Super User
on 18 January 2014

Gennady Tkachenko-Papic is a one of a kind musician, sound-simulator, actor. The owner of a unique voice with a huge range of 4 octaves, masterly owning the finest shades of sound.

By connecting to the elusive vibrations and entering the altered state of consciousness, he reproduces amazing magical streams - voices of living nature, hymns, prayers, mantras, as if from antiquity and misses the long-forgotten and lost knowledge through the sound. Thanks to Gennady's participation in various shows of talents (TV shows Got Talent), a large number of people around the world saw and heard him. This phenomenon has stirred up the minds and hearts in many countries. Everyone was born his own response, his vision, his experience. And in this many saw hope and light ...

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