Francesco Verrecchia

by Super User
on 18 January 2014

Francesco Verrecchia, a native of Montreal, was born into a family of Italian musicians. He began learning the guitar at 14. Two years later he joined the band of his father and go up on stage for the first time as a guitarist and singer

During this time, he must be familiar with a wide variety of musical styles, and his versatility will serve him later when recording jingles for radio and television. At the dawn of the new millennium, he will join Garou as a singer and guitarist, and this collaboration will continue for three tours across Europe. At the same time, he will contribute to Isabelle Boulay album << The Most Beautiful Stories >>, and will participate in two television programs in France as a singer with Celine Dion. In the late 90’s, he will begin classes in classical singing in Milan with his uncle Aldo Verrecchia. He continued his studies with the opera singer Huguette Tourangeau, and attends master classes given by the tenor Ermanno Mauro. He will complete an intensive course at the prestigious Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich under the direction of Klaus Salmaan then assistant maestro Zubin Mehta. Today, he continues to perfect his vocal art through education provided by tenor Manrico Tedeschi and pianist Louise-Andrée Baril and Janine Lachance. In 2003, he shared the stage with Johnny Hallyday as a backing vocalist for the stadium tour << Closer to you >>. During the second trip, Johnny Hallyday will ask him to interpret Caruso at each performance. For the first time, the French rocker leaves any room for another solo time to a song. Throughout this series of shows, over 300 000 people in forty European cities discover his talent. On the list of artists of Francophonie with whom he worked over the years, there will also be the names of Alain Souchon, Natasha St-Pier, Mario Pelchat and Bruno Pelletier. While having a career in popular music, he will invest a lot of time to develop his strengths in order to have a parallel career in the operatic field.

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